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Protect cables while managing vehicular speed with our Instant Speed Ramp

Our Instant Speed Ramp is a 2 in 1 solution that tackles both cable protection and speed management. Ideal for environments where you may need to protect cables against damage from fast moving vehicles, the Instant Speed Ramp is a simple yet effective product that can be used on a temporary or permanent basis.

Made from heavy-duty rubber, it successfully reduces vehicle speed to approximately 10-15mph and can bare a maximum weight of 20,000kg, making it suitable for most types of vehicle. Two channels running beneath can house and protect cables up to 35(w) x 25(h)mm. The 1830mm long unit can simply be placed across roads for a temporary solution, or it can be fixed to the ground, with compatible concrete and tarmac fixing bolts, for a permanent installation.

The Instant Speed Ramp is ideal for environments such as warehouses and car parks where there may be lots of trailing cables that need to be protected from vehicular damage. Situations where this product would be useful on a temporary basis are events such as concerts and festivals, and working environments such construction sites or industrial areas, where a quick and efficient method of cable management is essential.



  • A simple yet effective solution to reduce traffic speed
  • Doubles up as a cable protector
  • Suitable for temporary or permanent installation
  • Reduces speed to approximately 10-15mph
  • Supplied with concrete and tarmac compatible fixing bolts
  • High visibility black and yellow colouring
  • 1830mm long. Height is 50mm
  • Two 35(W) x 25(H)mm cable channels underneath
  • 22kg total weight
  • Maximum weight capacity is 20,000kg


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Tidi-Cable offers a wide range of health and safety solutions ranging from trailing cable management, to PPE and fire safety supplies. Our high-quality products are suitable for construction, industrial and commercial workplaces. If you have any questions about our range, please contact

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