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Prevent damage to your cables with our Flexi Indoor Cable Cover

Cables that trail across the floor can be particularly susceptible to damage from foot traffic, not to mention they also pose a significant trip hazard. Prevent both issues with our simple and affordable Flexi Indoor Cable Cover.

Indoor cable covers are particularly useful in working environments such as offices, where there may be lots of people working among electrical equipment. Cables can become damaged from excessive wear or could be pulled from their sockets from people tripping over them, which could be detrimental to business. Workers could also get seriously injured from tripping over trailing cables, so it is essential they are always covered to prevent this.

Made from strong rubber, the Flexi Indoor Cable Cover is ideal for covering a single cable or wire with a diameter of up to 11mm. It sits securely on top of the cable, which you insert by simply sliding in place underneath, and ensures the cable cannot escape and become a hazard. The rubber material is not only sturdy and durable, but it also provides grip so people crossing over don’t slip. For longer cables simple connect several pieces together.



  • Perfect for covering a single cable/wire with diameter up to 11mm
  • Made from strong rubber for sturdiness and grip
  • Sits neatly over the top of cables and secures them in place
  • Full width of 1030mm
  • Connect multiple covers together to cover longer stretches of cable
  • No need to fix down
  • Overall dimensions (mm): 20(H) x 1030(W) x 130(D)
  • Channel dimensions (mm): 11(H) x 30(W)
  • Weight: 1.4kg


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Tidi-Cable offers a wide range of health and safety solutions ranging from trailing cable management, to PPE and fire safety supplies. Our high-quality products are suitable for construction, industrial and commercial workplaces. If you have any questions about our range, please contact info@tidi-cable.com

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