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The perfect cable protector ramp to protect against damage from footfall and prevent trips and falls.

Anti-trip sloped cable protector ramp with tough rubber construction. This product is perfect for any area where cables or hoses need protection from foot traffic and prevention against trips and falls. The yellow hinged plastic lid protects cables from damage while the tough rubber sides comfortably handle abrasion and side impact from footfall.

This product is perfect for buildings sites, festivals, film studios and any area where trailing cables snake across walkways and need protecting. 

Available in 1 metre long sections and suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. Its sides are made from high quality black rubber and are anti-trip so people can cross the ramp safely. It has a highly visible, strong plastic lid, covering a spacious cable containment area, making the product sturdy, robust and easy to use. Simply link multiple units together to form safe walking areas and adapt the product to suit any environment.

This is our most cost effective cable protector ramp for not only protecting cables against damage from footfall, but also preventing trips and falls.



  • 1 metre long per unit
  • Highly visible, strong plastic covering
  • Black rubber, anti-trip sides
  • Spacious cable containment area
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Link together to form safe walking areas
  • 16mm (1.6cm high)
  • 70mm (7cm wide)


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