Snake Tray®

The fastest & easiest to install cable containment in the UK

5 Ways Snake Tray® Reduces Total Installation Cost

  • Extremely easy to install
  • Offers massive savings on installation times/costs
  • Fixes directly to walls (no need for brackets)
  • Fixes directly to ceilings or can be suspended with just one drop rod
  • Hand-bendable in seconds with no special tools required

Bends Around Corners

There’s no need to create or buy corners and no need for hot works permits to cut out corners of tray. Also there are no special tools required to bend or fit the Universal Snake Tray®. 

This saves hours/days of installation time.

Strong Galvanised Steel

The Universal Snake Tray® has an 8mm steel rod backing and 4mm steel cable holder arms make this cable tray extremely strong and durable.

3 Standard Sizes

Available in 51mm, 102mm and 153mm diameter loops.

This makes the Snake Tray® suitable for several types of cable (weight bearing info in table below).

Fix Directly to Ceilings

The patented fixing loops enable the user to fix the Universal Snake Tray® to either walls or ceilings with a screw and washer.

Can also be shot-fired directly into concrete.


The 8mm backing rod made from steel creates an extremely strong, yet bendable structure.

Fast Connector

Simple grub screw connector creates mechanical and electrical bond in seconds.

Suspend from Single Rod

Requires only one threaded rod at each connection point saving time and enabling cables to be side loaded.

Bends Vertically

The steel backing rod can be bent in any direction – both horizontally and vertically.

Coming soon…

Raised Floor Snake Tray® coming soon. Contact us for more information.