Trailing Leads on Building Sites

Trailing Leads on Building Sites Can be a Real Issue.

Trailing leads on building sites can be a real issue

With 110v cables running around everywhere on any active building site, construction companies are by far our largest customer segment. We spend a lot of time consulting with our clients to ensure we minimise any problems caused by trailing leads on site.

Trailing leads can be a problem for a number of reasons:

  • Personal safety of site staff & visitors
  • Trip hazards
  • Electrical Fire (water + electricity don't mix!)
  • Equipment and plant damage
  • Electrical faults on equipment

Here at Tidi-Cable, we have created a number of products specifically designed to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls due to trailing leads. Visit the HSE website for the latest Health & Safety advice from the government.

Safety is everybody's responsibility when operating on a building site but we take it to the next level with specifically designed products to reduce the risk of personal injury to staff and site visitors.

Trailing leads and improving safety

Our first product, Tidi-Strip® (now discontinued) was a simple, easy way to solve the problem of trailing leads on building sites. The idea for this new product came back in 2011, when the founder of Tidi-Cable Ltd was working as a Site Manager and realised the huge danger to his employees. There were very few solutions available on the market. The rest is history! 

Today, we have a range of products designed for all types of applications. Visit our products page to view our complete range.

Introducing our Full Range of Products to Manage Trailing Leads

We have a fantastic range of products aimed at safely managing trailing leads and hoses on construction sites and industrial workplaces.

The Solution to Trailing Leads