Barriers are ideal for sectioning off areas that need to be restricted or may be deemed hazardous and can be utilised in a multitude of scenarios. Whether you need to cordon off a power supply, or prevent members of the public from accessing a certain area, Tidi-Cable’s range provides simple, adjustable and mobile solutions for your workplace.

Using barriers in the workplace

Used in commercial and industrial work settings, our barriers are portable, lightweight and expandable, making them both easy to use and highly efficient. Move them from place to place without any hassle and when you need to store them, simply fold them down and tuck them away.

Barriers are essential for maintaining sufficient health and safety standards for both the public and/or a work force. Hazards, such as openings and excavations, dangerous substances, energy sources and equipment, or areas where slips trips and falls may occur, must always be marked off with barriers in order to prevent unauthorised access and potential injury.


Our barriers are made of high-quality plastics and metals and come in a variety of lengths and colours to suit all your workplace needs. We offer a one-year warranty and a return and exchange policy should you need a replacement. Our standard delivery time is 1-2 working days. Availability of stock may affect this.

About Us

Tidi-Cable offers a wide range of health and safety solutions ranging from trailing cable management, to PPE and fire safety supplies. Our high-quality products are suitable for construction, industrial and commercial workplaces. If you have any questions about our range, please contact