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Our range of cable tidy solutions are suitable for construction sites, festivals/events, factories, film studios, mining, oil/gas production, shipping yards and railways. Almost all industries can use Tidi-Cable products to improve safety on construction sites.

Tidi-Patch® Grade 1

Unfinished Surfaces

• Ideal for demolition/early construction
• Extremely heavy duty foam backing
• Can hold 6 cables and 4 pounds weight

Tidi-Patch® Grade 2

Finished Surfaces

• Perfect for painted/plastered walls
• Stretch off backing causing no damage to wall
• Can hold 6 cables and 2 pounds weight

Tidi-Patch® Magnetic

Steel Surfaces

• Steel Surfaces – Steel Beams/Walls
• Suitable for existing metal infrastructure
• Can hold 6 cables and 4 pounds weight


The Fastest To Install

• Hang from scaffolding and cable trays
• Can also be screwed to walls
• Holds 9 x 110v arctic cables
• Space every 12 feet


The Strongest and Most Economical

• Ideal for long corridors and creating drop down points
• Use on walls and ceilings
• Holds 9 x 110v arctic cables
• Space every 12 feet