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Tidi-Cable® Walkway Pro

The Tidi-Cable Walkway Pro is designed to create a 3 metre wide x 3 metre high safe walking space through sites, which removes the need for cable ramps.

  • Erect in minutes
  • Very lightweight and movable
  • Holds 6 x 110 arctic cables
  • Extends up to 3 metres in height and width
  • Fix cables using Tidi-Hangers® or cable ties
  • Resuable

Takes seconds to set up


Comes in a handy transport bag


Holds 6 x 110 volt cables


Goes up to 3 metres in height and width


Cables can be hung from cable ties or hangers


Adjustable height and width

Create A Safe Walkway

The Walkway Pro creates a safe walkway for construction sites, raising cables up to 3 metres high.  This reduces the risk of slips, trips and falls, and means that this product can be used to solve the issue of trailing cables that can’t be solved with our wall and ceiling solutions.

Fully Adjustable

The Walkway Pro is fully adjustable, reaching up to 3 metres high and 3 metres wide.  This means that its height and width can be tailored by you in order to suit the needs of your site!

Save Money

Our Walkway Pro comes with 2 stands and a cross bar, meaning that you are basically getting 2 stands for the normal price of one! 

How to Use

  • The Walkway Pro must be weighed down on each side – we suggest using sandbags.
  • All fixings must be properly tightened to the Walkway Pro before hanging cables from it.
  • You should only extend the product to the height required, and it should be used indoors for supporting suitable for cables and hoses.
  • Cables should be hung ever 30cm and the max weight of the Walkway Pro is 5kg spread across the crossbar.
  • All cables should be checked for damage before being fixed to the product, and the Walkway Pro should not be moved while cables are attached.
  • The Walkway Pro should not be used in high fire risk areas, and you should ensure that you do not block emergency exits or fire escapes with the product.
  • You should not remove supplied labels.  Tidi-Cable are not responsible for improper use or set up of the product.  Existing labels ensure lost/stolen parts are not replaceable by Tidi-Cable, and the product should not be used with missing parts.
  • This is not a permanent solution and should only be used temporarily.
How many 110v leads will each one hold?

Each stand can support 6 x 110 volt arctic cables.

How do I hold it down?

We suggest that you keep the Walkway Pro secure by weighing it down with sandbags.

Can I adjust the size?

The Walkway Pro can be stretched up to 3 metres high and 3 metres wide, depending on the size you need.

How do I secure cables to the Walkway Pro?

Cables can be hung from cable ties or Tidi-Hangers.

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