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Tidi-Patch Magnetic

Magnetic Tidi-Patches lift dangerous trailing cables off of the ground instantly.


Holds 6x110v arctic cables



No drill solution



Max load 2kg



Reduces risk of hand on vibration syndrome



Suitable for existing metal infrastructure



No noise pollution


No Drills, No Noise

Our new Tidi-Patch Magnetic is a no drill solution.  This means that there is no silica dust, no noise pollution, and a reduced risk of hand on vibration syndrome.  It also leaves no mess or residue behind. 

Clean Surfaces Only

The Tidi-Patch Magnetic should only be used for temporary works, and surfaces must be clean and free of grease and residue before the Tidi-Patch is used.

Reduce the Risk

Magnetic Tidi-Patches have two hooks which can carry up to 6x110v cables and a max weight of 2kg, in order to provide magnetic cable support and reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the max load?

Each Tidi-Patch Magnetic can hold up to 2kg of weight.

How many 110v leads will each one carry?

Each Tidi-Patch Magnetic can support 6 x 1.5mm 3 core 110v cables arctic cables.

What size screw do I need?

No screws needed!

What’s the internal diameter of two hooks?

The internal diameter of each hook is 23mm.

How far apart should I space them?

Magnetic Tidi-Patches should be spaced every 2 metres.

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