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Tidi-Hanger Extender

A Tidi-Hanger Extender will allow you to hang S Hooks and Hangers from higher than normal.



Extends up to 5 metres



To be used with Tidi-Hanger or Tidi-S Hook



Safely reaches high areas


5 Metres Higher

The Tidi-Hanger extender stretches up to 5 metres, meaning that your hangers and hooks can be kept off of the ground, reducing the risk of slips, trips and falls.


The Tidi-Hanger Extender can be used with our Tidi-Hangers and Tidi-S Hooks.

Ideal for…

You can use a Tidi-Hanger Extender during demolition, construction and framework, whenever cables need to be kept off of the ground!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the max load?

Each Tidi-Hanger® can hold up to 5kg of weight.

How many 110v leads will each one carry?

Each Tidi-Hanger® can support 9 x 1.5mm 3 core 110v cables arctic cables.

What size screw do I need?

If you wish to screw Tidi-Hangers® to the wall, the internal diameter of the screw hole is 5mm.

What’s the diameter of the large hook?

The internal diameter of the large hook is 60mm, which is perfect for scaffolding, ceiling grids, doors and cable trays.

What’s the diameter of the smaller hooks?

The internal diameter of the hooks is 23mm.

Will armoured cable fit in them?

This product isn’t suitable for armoured cable.

Are they available in different colours?

Tidi-Hangers® are available in any colour upon request. There is a minimum of 1000 units for this and a short lead.

Can they be supplied with different fire ratings?

Yes we are able to manufacture the products with different fire rating upon request.

How far apart should I space them?

Tidi-Hangers® should be spaced every 2 metres.

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