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One of the most important aspects of project management is avoiding costly delays.  Even in a best-case scenario, construction delays can make your company look disorganised while reducing your annual revenue figures.  These are four reasons for construction delays and resolutions for each one.


One of the reasons for construction delays is poor weather conditions, which obviously only effects outdoor projects.  Unpredicted rain or snow can really affect your schedule, and threatens your profit margins with every day of delay.  Even strong winds can affect construction projects, putting a temporary stop to high rise construction or roofing works simply because of the safety risks.  So, building allowances for bad weather while planning a project (and keeping an eye on weather forecasts both before and during) is a good way to ensure that this isn’t too big of a problem.  Even things like keeping water pumps on site so that you can dispose of water that gets in the way is a helpful resolution.


Overbooked crews is another one of the potential reasons for construction delays.  By overbooking a crew you could fall way behind on one or more jobs, as well as having to get a tired crew to drive from job to job each day in order to get things done.  Obviously ambitiousness is important, but being aware of the limits of your crew is far more effective, and limiting the amount of jobs on at once or hiring more crews in order to lighten everyone’s workload is a good way to avoid delays and keep morale high in your employees.


Unfortunately, shortages in budget and resources is a horrible cause of delay, especially for a firm who are in the middle of a project which a client has already paid for.  This means that project managers should be really careful and mindful when figuring out a job’s cost, while also comparing this to real-time updates on the firm’s finances.  This will allow for project planning which doesn’t destroy a company budget.  Another resolution for this problem is to apply for a bank loan, especially if your firm is established and can offer collateral.


Finally, unexpected changes can cause delays, but they are always going to be part of the construction business.  Sometimes this can be that a project requires something different from the expected, or it could be that the customer requests something extra that you can’t say no to.  One of the most important things to do in this situation is to keep the customer informed of what the change is, why it is needed, and what kind of delay will be caused.  Keeping track of changes is important, and ensuring that the customer signs a change order form as evidence that they know why the project took longer than planned it vital.


These are 4 reasons for construction delays and resolutions for each reason, which show that all problems can be addressed with certain tools and processes.  By managing client expectations and keeping communication open in terms of project progression, as well as ensuring that your crew is focused and informed will allow you to have the smoothest project possible.  Ensuring that your site is safe for everyone is also vital, and trailing leads can be one of the biggest risks on site – our products are the perfect solution, and you can find them here.