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Growing a business in a competitive industry such as construction can be tricky, so using marketing to your advantage is vital.  These are 4 tips on how to grow your construction business in an increasingly competitive climate.

By creating a clearly defined marketing plan you can determine the types of work that have generated revenue over the past few years, the source of revenue in the future of your company, and the locations you serve at present and where you plan to expand to.  You should present this plan to your employees so that they are aware of these facts too – this means that it will be easier to pull everyone together on marketing projects.

Listening to your customers and getting insights frequently can result in referrals and more work.  Client surveys should be structured, frequent, provide feedback to the project team, and result in making the customer aware of the improvements which come from their feedback.  It is important to ensure that your customers know that you care about their feedback, so actively making changes based on this is a good idea.

Embracing emerging trends, such as new technologies, is a good way to stay relevant and grow your business.  So, investing time and money in learning about eco-friendly technologies and business standards is a positive way to stay relevant and grow your business. One of the best ways to do this is to attend construction seminars, where you can both learn and network, allowing you to make important contacts at the same time as promoting and growing your construction company.

By selling your company and keeping lines of communication open is an important marketing tip.  Your foreman and project managers should be able to talk freely about the company and specific projects with contractors and owners.  This allows you to hear about upcoming opportunities, network with potential customers who have potential projects, and stay in the loop with current customers regarding problems, progress and solutions.  This will give people more confidence in your company and help you to build relationships which can help you to grow.

By following these four tips in order to use marketing to your advantage you can grow your construction business.  The key take away points are to stay informed and keep in touch, and this will make sure that your company are (and seem) knowledgeable and trustworthy.  Ensuring that your site is safe for everyone is also vital, and trailing leads can be one of the biggest risks on site – our products are the perfect solution, and you can find them here.