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It can be difficult to find and hire the right kind of worker, especially for construction jobs where specific skills are needed.  These are 5 of our tips for hiring construction workers that should make your recruitment process easier.

One of the best tips for improving any recruitment process (construction or otherwise) is to nail your job posting.  By doing a good job of advertising your position you will have more of a chance of attracting better workers to your position.  Your advert should be clear and make sense, and posting on job boards and social media is the best way to create the biggest potential scope of candidates.

Another way that you can better your recruitment process and increase the likelihood of having good candidates apply is to offer competitive benefits, hours and pay.  Young people are more likely to want a better work-life balance, meaning that the ability to work flexibly is more attractive to them.

Also, consider what you are after from the candidate; not only do they need the relevant skills for the job, they need to fit your company culture.  Someone could have all of the relevant skills and more, but if their personality doesn’t fit with your other employees then there could be problems.

A good way to find out who you should hire is to conduct professional and standardised interviews.  By having standard questions, you can evaluate each candidate’s response against their competition, which will give a more objective assessment method.  Also, the way that a candidate interviews is a good indication of who they are, so pay attention to their behaviour in that position.

Making sure that you check references is a good way of ensuring that you are hiring good quality construction workers.  By skipping on checking references you could be making a huge mistake – checking at least one or two references per candidate can save hiccups which could’ve been avoided.  You can also do background checks and scans of social media profiles as a way of checking references in order to ensure that a candidate will not prove to be problematic.

These 5 tips for hiring construction workers are a great way to improve your recruitment process and ensure that you hire the best candidates possible.  For more helpful articles around construction, check out the rest of our blog.