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Around 40% of construction site deaths are caused by falls, and around 25% of these falls are from ladders.  Therefore, ladder safety is an important thing to consider, despite it generally being overlooked.  These are some of the essential ladder safety construction tips that should be considered on your worksite.

Firstly, all workers should be trained in ladder safety by a competent, qualified person.  This training should include fall protection systems, how to recognise and fix potential problems, how to use and place ladders properly, and information on maximum load capacities.  As well as this, reading the instructions and safety precautions provided by the manufacturer for each latter is vital before it is used.

All ladders should also be inspected for damage or defects, and if there is any reason to worry that a ladder could be faulty it should be removed and either repaired or disposed of.  To avoid unnecessary damage to ladders, ensure that you completely dismount before trying to move it – jumping, shuffling or ‘walking’ it will create damage that will increase the risk of accidents.

If possible, secure the top and bottom of a ladder while using it.  Also, ensure that rungs and spreaders are fully locked before climbing.  For every 4ft of working length, the base of the ladder should come out 1ft from its support structure – so if you are working at a 16ft working length, your ladder’s base should be 4ft away from the support.

While climbing the ladder, it is dangerous to carry tools in hand – instead, use a tool belt or hoist the tools up once the worker is in a safe position.  This is safer because three of your four limbs should be in contact with the ladder at all times while climbing.

These are just a few construction tips related to ladder safety, but ensuring that you pay attention to ladder safety is really important in minimising the risk of falls on the worksite.  Our cable management solutions are another great way to reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls on site – you can check them out here: