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There has been little rise in productivity in engineering and construction in the last 50 years.  While other industries have been able to adopt new technologies which increase productivity, the uptake of these things have been relatively slow within construction.  There are options, however, that will help you to enhance your work, and these are a few ways that will help to make your worksite more productive.


By addressing and cutting out wasted steps, you can make each project as efficient as you can.  Constantly evaluating your process with contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, etc. will allow you to save time and money, increasing your productivity.  This strategy tends to be embraced by everyone, as it produces positive results and benefits everyone involved.  One of the best reasons to embrace this strategy is that it places emphasis on collaboration and communication, allowing everyone involved in the process to play a part, creating a productive and realistic plan for the project.  There are five key questions you should ask when planning:

  • What goals should we be working toward?
  • What goals can be achieved realistically?
  • What commitments has each planner made?
  • Have schedule promises been met by contractors and suppliers?
  • How have each company performed and what could be improved?


Modular building allows you to boost productivity by getting more stages of each project done at once.  This also means that offsite construction can take place, meaning that certain elements of your project can’t be affected by external factors (like weather), and construction can begin at the same time as things like earthwork and rough-in.  This will increase productivity by easing the need for onsite labour and reducing workers’ time on the job.  Additionally, factory-floor level production reduces the risk of slips, trips and falls, one of the biggest causes of accidents in construction.


Adopting technology is one of the best ways to increase productivity in any industry, and contractors being slow do to this is one of the reasons why construction hasn’t seen a rise of productivity.  There are mobile apps that can aid project management, teams and schedules, and you can use these apps from anywhere in the world.  Also, technology allows you to be more organised (and environmentally friendly) by reducing the need for paperwork.  As more and more construction companies adopt technology, it is important to keep up so that you don’t get left behind.


These are three of the best ways to make your worksite more productive, and keeping up with developments in your industry is obviously vital if you want to stay competitive.  Ensuring that your site is safe for everyone is vital, and trailing leads can be one of the biggest risks on site.  Our products are the perfect solution, and you can find them here.