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As new positions open up it is important to make sure that you are hiring the best workers you can.  Hiring the wrong employee can be harmful to your company and projects, so follow these tips for hiring quality construction workers.


The first thing to do when hiring anyone is to check that they have the necessary skills for the job at hand.  This could be a qualification, experience, or just general skills that are necessary for success (such as time management).  Without these skills, it would be difficult for the worker to keep up with their colleagues.  These skills could be problem solving, planning and organising, decision making or communication, and will obviously vary depending on the position.


Making use of internships and apprenticeships is a great option for hiring quality construction workers, as they allow you to test how a candidate will work in the position.  Also, as the end of an apprenticeship the candidate will have skills and qualifications that they may not have had otherwise, and their qualification can help you to keep on top of updates in your industry.


Ensure that you are asking the right questions in interviews and giving the candidate the opportunity to showcase their skills.  It is a good idea to hold a preliminary interview over the phone, or ask the candidate to come in for a second interview before you hire them, so that they’re definitely right for you.  It is also important to check references that were provided before hiring the employee, in order to make sure their skills are legitimate.


A great way to find potential employees is to use employee referral schemes.  In this way, you can provide an incentive to existing employees who can provide references, and you’ll have multiple people helping with hiring quality construction workers.  This is helpful because existing employees will be aware of what is expected of them in terms of both the position and the personality type that will fit with the company.


Hiring quality construction workers can be pretty difficult, especially when you are looking for really specialist skills and/or experience, but following these tips will make the process slightly easier.  Check out the rest of our blog for more interesting articles about the construction industry.