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Social media is such a great tool for promoting businesses, and is becoming increasingly popular in the construction industry.  When thinking about how social media can help your construction business, there are a different ways for different platforms, and here’s four of them.


Twitter is a great way to stay connected with other trades, future customers, and current contractors.  Also, following accounts that will provide you with current news and developments in your industry is a great way to stay informed.  Also, the maximum character count is still pretty low (even now they’ve doubled it to 280), meaning that updates can be short and simple.


Facebook is good for posting updates on your projects, promoting your business and posting funny pictures. Targeted advertising is also fairly easy on Facebook, so focussing on a few specific keywords is a great way to get the most for your money.  Also, you can promote your business on both a specific business page and on your personal profile, creating a wider reach.


Instagram is also a brilliant platform for posting regular photos of projects you are involved in, and hashtags are useful for reaching your target audience. In a similar way to Facebook, you can post updates from either a business or a person account (or both).  You can also track which posts get the most engagement in terms of views, likes and saves.


Finally, LinkedIn is ideal for networking with other people in your industry. You can connect with potential future contractors, as well as finding future workers.  LinkedIn allows you to publish articles, where you can share your expertise on certain subject matters.


The social media platforms that can help your construction business will vary depending on your business goals, and mastering one at a time is your best option.  Using social media to interact with others in your industry is a fun way to share ideas, updates and expertise.