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There are thousands of accidents and injuries every year on construction sites.  So, construction safety is a risky business, and it’s really important to get it right! That’s why today’s blog is focusing on our construction safety tips based off of the top 9 causes of workplace accidents.

  • Loading and unloading equipment:
    There is a risk of a machine rolling during loading or unloading, so make sure that you are centred on ramps and stay straight, allowing enough room to manoeuvre the machine. Also, keep people away from the sides of machines while loading/unloading.
  • Getting on and off equipment:
    This is the number one cause of injury! The first tip is to check gloves and boots, removing any mud before climbing and using high grip gloves.  Then, securely engage the entire hand and foot into hand/foot holds, or use a stepladder where these aren’t available.  Try not to carry anything while climbing.
  • Operation on slopes:
    It is fairly obvious that caution is required when operating on slopes, as coming down a slope with a load can be difficult. Know the machine’s limits, allow for surface conditions and don’t push.
  • Crowds of people:
    People on the ground need to stay well away from machine operating areas, and this needs to be enforced by foremen. If operating a machine, always check your back before backing up.
  • Overhead/underground obstructions:
    It is important that you are aware of overhead obstructions (or underground utilities) which may affect your work. These can include electrical lines, water, sewer, gas, telecom etc.  These things should be definitively marked, and use caution even after underground lines are marked.
  • Swing radius:
    It is really important to mark off the swing radius around a machine, or otherwise secure it. Also, keep spectators away or the result could be fatal.
  • Instability/loss of load:
    Keep people on site clear of a load which is being lifted or handles, and get people as far away as is reasonable when a pipe is being placed down. Be careful when using one machine for multiple functions, be aware of the limitations and keep safety at the forefront of your mind.
  • Backing up:
    If your vision is impaired when backing up, have a spotter to guide you or use wide angle mirrors (which should be clean and adjusted). Similarly, consider a rear-mounted camera or sensing alarm, which are getting more reliable as technology improves.
  • Seat belts:
    It is vital that you always use a seatbelt, even when the machine door is closed. It keeps you safe and still during normal operations, and can literally save your life if something goes wrong.


Hopefully our construction safety tips have given you an idea of how to keep your site safe and avoid accidents as much as possible!  Slips, trips and falls are another huge risk in the workplace, and our cable management products are designed to reduce the dangers.