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Fire risk assessments are a requirement of legislation for the people in charge of a construction site in order to ensure safety on site.  Keeping on top of fire safety means fires can be prevented before the issue arises, and this blog will tell you some tips for fire safety on site!


The Risks:
Removing one of the three elements that fire needs to burn (oxygen, heat and fuel) from your site can prevent it from starting, or mean that it cannot burn for long should a fire start. So, the first step of a fire risk assessment is to identify potential sources of ignition and fuel and reduce the risk they cause.

Once this is done you need to decide who is most at risk should a fire start, and everyone who could possibly use your site or be affected should be considered.


The Solutions:
Once you know the risks, your next action should be to evaluate, remove and reduce the risks, putting in place a plan to protect individuals. This includes having an alarm system which will alert you and others to danger, and fire extinguishers at designated fire points.

Your solutions should also be recorded, including your evacuation routes, and assembly points.  This means that everyone should be aware of what to do in the event of an emergency, and you can decide who will need additional training for fire duties (such as using a fire extinguisher).


Hopefully this has helped to give you an idea of how to manage fire safety on site, just remember to keep it updated regularly!  For more tips and tricks about working in construction, check out the rest of our Tidi-blog.