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Focusing on workplace safety at night by keeping your site well-lit will help to maintain safety, increase productivity and improve job quality.  This blog post will tell you how!

Most road building contractors work at night, as less traffic means less disturbance and better productivity.  However, a downfall of working at night is the lack of visibility for both yourself and the drivers near your work zone.  This is why creating a lighting plan is important, as effective lighting makes conditions much safer.  For road construction sites, these plans need to take mobility and length of product into consideration.

You need to consider your lighting sources and how they will be powered. You should also consider overlapping beams from different light sources in order to eliminate shadows created by the workers.

Also, minimise glare from lights by aiming them across traffic zones or aiming them downwards (like streetlamps), but the size of the illumination area will be reduced.

When developing a lighting plan there are a few things you should consider, including the type of work activities you are doing.  There are three different levels of lighting for workplaces:

  • Level 1) All work operations areas: illuminance is important in areas where the work crew is in motion, and is appropriate for tasks requiring low accuracy, involving slow-moving equipment and where large objects need to be seen.
  • Level 2) All areas on or around construction equipment: recommended for areas on or around construction equipment to provide a safer environment for workers operating equipment and performing tasks with a moderate level of accuracy.
  • Level 3) Pavement/structural crack/pothole filling: appropriate for tasks that require a greater level of visual acuity or tasks with a higher level of difficulty.


For maintaining workplace safety at night, you should consider our cable management products!  Designed to reduce trips, slips and falls, we can benefit your workplace greatly, check them out here!