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Mobile plant and equipment is a really common reason for fatalities and injuries on site.  Most of the accidents can be avoided, and these safety tips for working with equipment will tell you how!

As with all elements of working in construction, it is important that your team are well trained when it comes to operating vehicles and equipment.  They should be trained in safety, starting, operating and turning off machinery, and all drivers should be medically fit to drive.

All pieces of machinery and equipment should go through regular inspections in order to ensure they are safe.  Repairs should be carried out before they are used again.  Risk assessments are ideal for identifying where an accident could happen, including collisions, falls, and contact with machinery.

Protective Clothing:
Similar to my safety tips for working at a height, you should ensure that everyone who needs it is provided with protective clothing and equipment.  This can include Hi-Vis clothing, safety shoes, kneepads, airbags, and helmets – anything that could be necessary when using equipment.

Emergency Plans:
Having an evacuation plan and rescue procedures in place is essential, and everyone working on site needs to be aware of these plans.

Hopefully these safety tips for working with equipment have helped to give you an idea of how to keep yourself and your team safe on site.  Trailing leads can be one of the biggest risks on site, and our products are the perfect solution! Find them here.