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Working at height is one of the biggest safety risks in construction, and is the biggest cause of workplace fatalities and injuries it the sector.  Therefore, it is important that steps are taken to reduce risks and keep people safe!



Any worker who will be working at height should be skilled, knowledgeable and experienced through previous training.  This training can be done on the job, but must be provided to anyone without the necessary skills.


Risk Assessments:

These should always be carried out on site, and reassessed regularly.  This means that the work area must be safe and secure, weak structures should not be used for support, and everyone should be aware of where to be particularly weary.  Other factors, such as the weather, lighting, other works on site/the general public, and job duration should also be considered.


This may seem obvious when thinking about working at height, but ladders should actually be avoided as much as possible – instead try to use secure, structured scaffolding.  However, if you do need to use ladders, remember the following tips:

  • Don’t overload them, only take what is necessary.
  • Do not rest them on weak surfaces.
  • Only use ladders for a max. of 30 minutes at a time.


Protective Clothing:

This is an absolute must when working at a height! Safety equipment and clothing must be work, and can include Hi-Vis clothing, safety shoes, kneepads, airbags, and helmets.  Any safety equipment which isn’t being used should be organised and stored, and items such as helmets should be provided to anyone who could be at risk.


Emergency Plans:

Having an evacuation plan and rescue procedures in place is essential, and everyone working on site needs to be aware of these plans. Similarly, lone workers should have a way of alerting you if there is an accident.


Hopefully these safety tips for working at a height have helped to give you an idea of how to keep yourself and your team safe on site.  Trailing leads can be one of the biggest risks on site, and our products are the perfect solution! Find them here.