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Contracting superstar Speller Metcalfe has launched it’s brand new initiative in changing the industries attitude towards health and safety with their ‘No More Excuses’ campaign.

No More Excuses Safety Campaign

No More Excuses Campaign

Group Managing Director Des O’Neill said: “Speller Metcalfe has a great health and safety track record, but to stay at the forefront of construction we recognise this can always improve.

“We invited the HSE to our offices to discuss how we could move forward and it became clear that as an industry, we need a cultural change at site level that encourages operatives to speak up about health and safety in order to stop issues escalating or becoming problems in the first place.”

The campaign goal is to create a working environment where communication and voicing thoughts/concerns regarding hazard prevention as opposed to oppressing H&S discussions are considered the norm. ‘No more excuses’ is an initiative encouraging workers to have a voice in the fight against hazards.

Speller Metcalfe Safety Campaign

Speller Metcalfe

Part of the initiative encourages site workers to test their concerns and put forward examples of good practice and H&S improvement.

Subcontractors who also provide new innovation or ideas in dealing with Safety will have those solutions promoted to Speller Metcalfe sites, clients and supply chains.

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