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Today we are talking about the two different types of cable management hooks that Tidi-Cable manufactures in the UK – Tidi-Hooks and Tidi-Hangers. Tidi-Hooks have 3 hooks on the face and screw directly to walls or woodwork. Tidi-Hangers have the same 3 hooks, the difference being that they have a large hook to enable them to be hung over existing fixtures.

What are cable management hooks?

Cable management hooks are used to suspend trailing cables safely. They are fixed (Tidi-Hooks) or ‘hung’ over existing frameworks (Tidi-Hangers) and allow the safe routing of otherwise dangerous trailing cables.
It’s long been an issue for site safety managers and a difficult problem to overcome, especially when the problems are temporary and you are trying to avoid longer-term (and more expensive) solutions.
Here are a couple of photo’s of Tidi-Hooks and Tidi-Hangers in use on site (click the images to see the full size images):

Tidi-Hooks in use:

1. Tidi-Hook in use for cable management hooks

Tidi-Hangers in use:

Tidi-Hanger® in use for cable management hooks

Tidi-Cable products were born out of necessity, having been conceived following a trip on site from our inventor Perry Coppen. You can read about how he came up with the idea here:

It was in this summer that I tripped over a trailing cable which led me down a path that I would have never expected.

Tidi-Hooks and Tidi-Hangers are now being used by 15 of the top 20 construction companies in the country and demand is growing. If you have a problem with trailing cables on site, get in touch. We can help!

Tidi-Cable management hooks may well be the answer that you’ve been looking for!