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Do you have 110v trailing cables causing you problems on site?

Many people ask us about the issue of 110v trailing cables on site. This is a common problem in such a fast moving environment as a construction site. Things can change fast on site. Even if the right amount of consideration is placed on a particular solution, the very next day everything can change!

Fear not; We have a solution!

Tidi-Cable has produced a range of products to make every site a safer place. 110v trailing cables are no longer a problem with Tidi-Cable. If the site layout changes and you need to move cables and leads, no problem, Tidi-Cable products will move with you.

The HSE website has specific information about electrical cable safety Click HERE to read the article, here’s a snippet:

Route cables to minimise tripping hazards or potential mechanical damage, and in a position that allows them to be safely installed and removed. Give particular care to the position of cable connections.

We’re offering our free ‘Ultimate Cable Management Guide‘ for FREE download.

This guide was written by Perry Coppen; inventor and owner of Tidi-Cable. It’s full of useful information to help keep your sites running safely.

The guide is packed full of useful things such as:

  • Our 10 Biggest Hazards and How to Solve Them
  • 7 Key Points that Need to be in your Site Induction
  • Things to Consider in your Risk Assessment
  • A printable Toolbox Talk
  • A printable Cable Management Poster to use on site (£9.99 for 10 x A3 Copies)
110v trailing cables on site

110v trailing cables on site?

Is this the end of 110v trailing cables on site?

Grab your copy of the ‘Ultimate Cable Management Guide‘ for FREE and learn how to reduce accidents on your site starting today.

Don’t forget we’ll happily send out free samples, more information can be found here