The Solution to Trailing Leads is Here.

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Companies who use Tidi-Cable products to Manage Trailing Leads

Welcome to Tidi-Cable

Tidi-Cable Ltd is the leading manufacturer and distributor of heavy duty cable management products in the UK. Our products are all designed to raise 110v trailing leads off the floor and remove the trip hazard that they present.

Watch our short (21 second) introduction video then head over to the products page where you can see all of the products in our range. We’re extremely active in visiting construction companies, so if you’d like us to visit your site and do a site survey or presentation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Designed for Harsh Environments



Reusable and Recyclable



Manufactured in the UK



Considered ‘Best Practice’



Lightweight but Extremely Strong



Proven to make Sites Safer



Highly Visible on Dark Sites



Used by Industry Leading Companies


Raise Trailing Cables Off The Floor

Currently there are very few cable management products on the market that address this huge problem, which is why we’ve invented simple, easy ways to attach cables to walls and eradicate the trip hazard altogether. Tidi-Cable products are specially designed for construction/building sites, festivals, events, factories, film studios, mining, oil/gas production, shipping yards and rail/underground workplaces.

An Accident Waiting To Happen?

The majority of our customers are large construction companies. Yellow 110v arctic cables are everywhere on construction sites, powering temporary lighting and power tools which require a little more power than a battery. We visit construction sites on a regular basis and we’re constantly told by project managers that the biggest reason they fail their safety inspection is trailing 110v cables.

For Any Phase Of Your Project

Whether you’re in the demolition, construction, fit-out or finishes phase of your project, we have the perfect solution for you. Take a look at the products page to see for yourself. All of our range is highly visible even on dark sites and designed to withstand the daily wear and tear of an active construction project. What’s more, they’re recyclable and reusable therefore, environmentally friendly.

Claim Your Free Sample Pack

The majority of the work we do is out with end users, finding out their specific needs and working together to find the best solution for each site. From carrying out these site visits, we’ve come to recognise that people need to see and test our products first hand to ensure that they’re fit for the job, which is why we offer free sample packs to any UK-based contractors.