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      Tidi-Cable products are suitable for most industrial environments.


      With 110v cables running around everywhere on an active site, construction companies are by far our largest customer type.


      Loose cables and hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people is a recipe for disaster at any festival or event.


      Factories and warehouses employ a huge % of the workforce and with large machinery and trailing cables, accidents are waiting to happen.

      Film Studios

      Lighting, sound equipment and cameras require lots of power and on a busy film studio, its easy for accidents to happen.


      Mine shafts leading to and from the excavation zone are often littered with cables. Many companies use Tidi-Hooks® to keep them off the floor and out of harms way.

      Oil & Gas

      One of the most cable intense industries is by far oil and gas production. Tidi-Hangers® are perfect for fixing cables to hand rails and scaffolding bars.

      Ship Building

      More often than not, it’s not an option to screw anything into the walls of a ship. Tidi-Patches® instantly stick cables to walls and prevent people from tripping over.


      Railways around the world have cables running along the walls next to the tracks. Tidi-Cable products are perfect to keep the tracks clear.