Award-Winning products

Our range of cable tidy solutions are suitable for construction sites, festivals, events, factories, film studios, mining, oil/gas production, shipping yards and railways.

Almost all industries can use Tidi-Cable products to improve safety on construction sites.

Our product range


Cable Tidy - Tidi-Hooks®

Fix this cable tidy solution directly to walls or ceilings and suspend cables from one hook to the next.


Tidi-Hanger cable tidy in use on a construction site

Tidi-Hangers® are highly visible polypropylene cable hooks, specially designed to be hung from scaffolding, cable trays and ceiling grids.

Tidi-Patch® Grade 1


Tidi-Patch Grade 1 is a self-adhesive product used for unfinished surfaces such as brickwork, timber and steel beams/columns.

Tidi-Patch® Grade 2


Tidi-Patch Grade 2 is a self-adhesive product and is designed for use on finished surfaces such as painted or plastered surfaces.

Further Tidi-Cable products are currently in design and will be released in due course